Beach Access

The beach is just a few steps away from our swimming pool area. You can access the Seaquarium beach through our private pool gate. The beach is named after Curacao Sea Aquarium, located nearby. On the Beach you have several beach-bars and restaurants were you can drink and dine at the best. The beach is open to the public, but an access fee must be paid. The entrance fee of US$2,- per person per day can be reserved upfront to your reservation. You can book beach entrance in the fourth step of the booking process for your stay.

Book your stay Reserve beach acces separately

Welcome package or Snack package

Do you want to make sure you have cold beverage upon arrival? Or just have your refrigerator filled to make it through the first night, so that you don't have to go grocery shopping? Than booking a grocery package and making sure your refrigerator is filled after a long flight, is the best solution. With the tools in our completely furnished kitchen, you could make your own breakfast. Order your grocery package for US$90 and have your fridge filled upon arrival.

If you do not wish to have a complete grocery package, we also offer a small Snack package. Adjustments to the packages are possible. You can book the packages in the fourth step of the booking process for your stay! 

Book your stay + Packages Reserve snack package only


Even though we do not have a restaurant, there are several restaurants and beach-bars at the Seaquarium beach.

Craving for a delicious breakfast or you do not wish to prepare breakfast during your stay or some days of your stay. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast on the beach for only USD20 per adult per day (kids are for half of the price). 

Options are: Breakfast buffet at Cabana Beach Restautant or Luxury breakfast platter at Madero Restaurant

Book your stay + Breakfast Reserve breakfast

Extra cleaning

During your stay the cleaning is on scheduled days instead of daily. Do you prefer to have extra cleaning every day or more frequently during your stay? We offer the possibility to book extra cleaning options to your desire.


Airport transfer

We can imagine you’re tired after a long flight and would like to have a driver picking you up, to transfer you to The Beach House or back to the airport.

This can be arranged for US$45 for a max of 4 persons.  If you are travelling with a group bigger than 4 persons, an additional charge of 25% per person will be brought in to account. You can book the airport transfer in the fourth step of the booking process for your stay! 

Book your stay + Airport transfer Reserve Airport transfer only